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The user is solely responsible for assessing the integrity and ability of the member lawyer to handle a particular legal matter. 1855lawyers will not represent to the user that an attorney-client relationship has formed at any point between the user and a member attorney. If the user decides to retain the services of a member attorney or law firm, the absence of a client-attorney relationship between the user and 1855lawyers is not changed.

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Qualification of Attorneys:

1855lawyers is dedicated to provide high-quality services for our clients. 1855lawyers will take necessary steps to verify that member attorneys are properly licensed in at least one state and in good standing. However, 1855lawyers does not have the authority and ability to continuously regulate and monitor the standing of each and every member attorney. For that reason, 1855lawyers does not represent, guarantee or give any warranty regarding the capability, competency, standing, proficiency, or qualification of the legal representations provided by any of the attorneys, law firms or third parties matched through the services provided by this website.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for users to make decisions based on their own careful evaluation of the attorneys in consideration. Please be mindful that qualified legal representations should not be based solely on claims of expertise or advertisements. If clients are considering employing any attorneys through 1855lawyers, the state bar association is a reliable source to find out about the standings of the attorneys in question. It is highly encouraged that users review with caution any information that is provided by attorneys or third parties matched or found through this service. Even though 1855lawyers strongly urges attorneys and related parties to comply with all regulations and policies, it is ultimately impossible for us to guarantee the full integrity of the member attorneys or their full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, terms and policies.

1855lawyers does not represent or endorse and is not responsible for any action or inaction by member attorneys in connection with the use of any of 1855lawyers’s services. Further, 1855lawyers does not represent or endorse and is not responsible for the contents of any responses, statements or other communications made by member attorneys in connection with the use of any of 1855lawyers’s services.

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